My ministry is helping those who seek to improve their health for the love of the One who created us to be in His image. Healthy, whole and happy for Christ our Lord.

Yoga: I am a RYT 200 hour Christian Style Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance and received YYTcertification from Yahweh Yoga in Arizona. I have dabbled in yoga on and off for many years. After retiring from competitive horseback riding I have not only rededicated myself to Lord Jesus but also to Christian Style Yoga.  This of course is a short version of my story. However, In essence I have been called to bring my years of holistic health experience along with my  Christain beliefs in alignment with God’s plan and purpose for me and to share the wonderful beauty of Christian Yoga to others.

9423b585-b4ee-4b7f-b453-04bbb6bbbb29Raw Food Chef & Instructor: I have taught numerous classes in  Temecula Valley on how to incorporate and embrace the Raw Food Lifestyle. Whether for health related issues or just to bring healthier concepts to people’s lives  has been  a passion for me as it has been an integral part of my own health journey. My studies culminated with Living Light Culinary Arts in Ft Bragg, California with certification as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor.juice

Integrative Nutrition:  I chose to expand my knowledge in nutrition by obtaining certification as a Holistic Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition, Inc.     My own personal health journey started over 20 years ago and I have been practicing Holistic Health since.  I have helped many transform their lives with a holistic approach encompassing body, mind and spirit. I still coach when a student presents themselves and I invite you to visit my Facebook page “Vibrant for Life” for healthy tips, recipes and an encouraging word!

Massage Therapy: While I am still licensed with the State of California I do not practice massage therapy currently. Although I choose not to practice at this time I believe the knowledge of the body has contributed to my overall holistic mindset when it comes to health and well being. I currently hold a 500 hour Holistic Health Practitioner certification (HHP) and have also worked as an equine massage therapist obtaining certification by Equissage in Round Hill, Virginia.

Highest Calling: I am a mother to 3 grown children!  I worked part time as a massage therapist throughout raising my children, yet being a mother was my first and foremost heart’s desire! I now have 4 beautiful grandchildren and love spending as much time as I can with them.