Christian Meditation-This class is a relaxing meditative journey, clearing the mind of everyday mind chatter and filling with God’s presence, peace and connection.

Rest & Restore-This class is for those just beginning yoga stretching or perhaps are recovering from injury. The pace is very slow often holding a position for several minutes to allow the body to slowly find “peace in the pose”. Oftentimes, props are used to facilitate the stretch to each person’s individual ability.

Gentle Journey: This class is gentle yet is still modified to those who are seeking a bit more activity and movement through the stretches. Good for beginners thru advanced with instructor offering modifications for all levels.

Faithful Flow: This class is a bit more active yet methodical keeping a relaxing but rhythmical pace throughout the practice and poses.

Powerful Prayer:  This class is designed for those really seeking a powerful workout and practice. Set to a bit more upbeat music and sometimes a warmer room in order to help facilitate perspiration and detoxification,

Whether you’re interested in Christian Yoga, Nutrition, or Health Coaching I am available for private teaching, group classes or workshops.  Please contact me through the Contact page and I will respond to your interests promptly.